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(This page presented by Dr Samuels Walters – Medical Director)

Q: Why is the church necessary?

A: Eph 3:9-10. That through the church the “…wisdom of God…” will be made known to the world.

Q: What is the wisdom of God?

A: Ps 103:20; 1Cor 1:24, 30; 2:7; 12:27; Eph 1:17; Col 1:27. Jesus Christ, and Christ in us the hope of glory.

Q: What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

A: John 3:5, 8; Rom 8:1; Acts 19:1-7. Walking “…after the Spirit…”. Justification (Rom 5:21) and Sanctification (Rom 6:1-11).

Q: To what does the baptism of the Holy Spirit entitles us?

A: Rom 8:14-17; Gal 3:2, 6-9, 14, 17, 26-27-29. Sons and daughters—children—of God, joint-heirs of the promise (covenant) made to Abraham. V29 ‘…if we are Christ’s then are we children of Abraham under the covenant made to him (Gen 12, 15, 17) after the Flood and to Adam before the Flood (Gen 3:15).

Q: Why did God bring the apostate children of Israel (Jacob) out of slavery in Egypt?

A: Ps 105:23, 37-38, 42, 45; Deut 4:20, 31, 37, 40; 10:12-15. To continue the promise of the covenant to Abraham, and “…that they might observe His statues and keep His laws”.

Q: By what was the temporary sign of the covenant (circumcision) replaced?

A: Ex 31:15-17; Isa 66:23. (1) The seventh-day Sabbath of God’s rest, and (2) Baptism. Rom 6:1-11, 2Cor 5:21; 6:17; 8:1.

Christ made baptism the entrance to His spiritual kingdom. He made this a positive condition with which all must comply who wish to be acknowledged as under the authority of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost…Christ enjoins those who receive this ordinance to remember that they are bound by a solemn covenant to live to the Lord…MS 27 1/2, 1900.

Those who have by baptism given to God a pledge of their faith in Christ, and their death to the old life of sin, have entered into covenant relationship with God. The three powers of the Godhead, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are pledged to be their strength and their efficiency in their new life in Christ Jesus. Australasian Union Conference Record, October 7, 107.

Of course the new convert—prior to baptism—must have already recognized God (elohym) as his Creator and the only One to be worshipped, and pledged to honor Him as such by keeping the seventh day Sabbath.