For today, read Zechariah  11:14-17. The historical lesson brings forward the present-truth application. The FALSE “shepherd in the land” (v16) has spoken 3 times most recently through his last 2 encyclical–Laudato si and Fraternity Tutti. God through the prophet Zechariah has warned us of what his true ‘mission is. Now the “idol shepherd that leaveth the flock are the ‘apostate elders’… It is true that the biblical history of v16 here references Cyrus (Isa 44:28) and God’s progressive judgment through him on His people for breaking the covenant (v14-17;  539BC). Also, v17 more specifically tells us about the judgment on the idol shepherd in 1798 (Rev 13:3, 10) AND what is to happen to the idol shepherd at the end of the Little Time of Trouble (Rev 17:16; 18:19-23). BUT DON’T MISS THE THIRD APPLICATION: It also applies (see Ezekiel 9) to the “idol shepherds” in spiritual Israel, as “…the false watchmen are the first to fall. There are none to pity or to spare. Men, women, maidens, and little children perish together” Great Controversy p.656. Be a Berean: study for yourselves and you’ll find even more “hidden treasures”.  Maranatha!!! 

IDENTIFYING FALSE SHEPHERDS AND FALSE SHEEP 08/09 by opposing the matrix |  Religion

Written by, Dr. Samuel Walters